The revolution is coming, and it will be silent.

I read locally the Target store in my town in now banning teens unless accompanied by an adult. The store is located near the high school. Lots of kids go into the store after school because there is a Starbucks, or they go and get a snack and something to drink. But some have vandalized the store. Knocking bottles of bleach and laundry detergent off the shelves stealing things and running out before they can get caught. They know that there are security cameras, they know the police will probably catch they and call their parents. And I see from this morning, stores in Philadelphia are doing the same. Our local Facebook group talked about it, some saying

“not my kid”, “oh, they are just goofing off being kids”, to the opposite “make them spend a weekend in jail”, “give them 40 hours of community service”, “good for the store, these kids are out of control”

I was leaving a Chinese takeout the other day, I was coming out the door with bags in hand and had to stop as a group of kids 3 across blocked me from leaving and then kept walking. As I left I glanced at them thinking that they sure weren’t raised the way I was, only to have one turn around and yell

“You got a f$@king problem old man? You want a piece of me? I’ll f$@king kick your ass. Yeah that’s right, get in your car.”

And it’s not just kids, people of all age groups seem to have adopted the notion that they can say and do anything they want, and there will be no repercussions. Maybe it is generations growing up being told that they can express themselves however they want.

It’s ok Johnny, you do what you want if it makes you feel good.

When I as a voter look at those I will vote for, what public questions I will vote for or against, what policies being considered, it use to be very simple, are they a good candidate with solid ideas to fix or improve things, is this a needed program, etc. Now? When I see candidates offering free education, free health care, etc, I’m actually finding myself offended. Not because I don’t believe the education system and health care is broken. They are, and the answer to solving it is not giving people money to pay for it, or having the government run it. They certainly have shown how well they can run the government, and they’ve had over 200 years to learn.

In my mind, this country, maybe even others around the world, are at a tipping point. Years of allowing people to do whatever they want with maybe a small fine or slap on the wrist, they don’t realize we are walking a line between having what freedoms we have, and ending up like China where the government controls everything and your freedom of speech gets tossed out the window. No one ever appreciates what they have or can get, until it’s taken away.

So in 2020, as primaries come and go, as the field of candidates gets narrowed, I, like a great many others will be silently thinking about what each party has done over the last 20+ years, will take an honest look at Trump, or any other Republican candidate, will look at each of the Democrats running, and we will be voting in those that we feel are there to do the job that needs to be done, not giving things away so they can remain in office collecting a nice paycheck paid by us.

The revolution is coming, and it will be won by those that remain silent, but make their voices heard by voting.

5 thoughts on “The revolution is coming, and it will be silent.

  1. I suspect you and I have rather differing politics, but your words make sense. To the “upbringing” reason for such coarsening of society, I would add two more causes. One is the internet, where people are accustomed to anonymity and therefore to freely indulging their worst inclinations — this unfortunately has spilled over into face-to-face connections.

    The other is the apparently bottomless plummet we are seeing with political discourse, especially with our most senior leaders. They are setting the example to young people that it is okay to call people names in public, to lie daily, to threaten those who oppose you, to grab women by the genitals, and worst of all to sell out your friends and allies on a whim. My votes now go for those who demonstrate even a tiny bit of decorum, of class and politeness, of a sense of the dignity their office requires. To those who at least seem to have integrity and a set of guiding principles and morals, to those who think their oath of office means something.

    At this point, policies and programs are less important to me than these other things.

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    1. I agree. I have spent way to many decades voting for the least horrible candidate. I look over their job experience, are they a career politician, how have they behaved in the last few years. The information is out there.

      The circus we’ve seen these last 4 years would have happened no matter which won, just a different venue. Neither were a good choice. Hopefully one of the newcomers running will gain some traction.


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