What am I looking for in a WoW 9.0 reveal

Story? Well yeah, ok the story is a little important. But honestly I see it following a set course. We start off fighting each other again after a brief time at peace, we beat some bad guys, then get beaten up a bit because we aren’t working together, then come together at the end to beat the ultimate bad guy. Who will make a brief appearance in the next expansion.

What I am going to be paying attention too is this.

Will we see yet again some item we all get that will occupy our playing time as we collect some thing to power it up. Will we see a level squish to 60, and will we FINALLY get some new talents. Holding out hope for that reworked talent tree myself.

I will be looking for any info on Class Redesigns. Specifically for my Shadowpriest because I am just about done with the whole insanity resource design.

And I will be paying close attention to how much of the content will be instanced. It may be great for a lot of people, but I’m beyond that now.

That’s about all really. And I’ll have to decide if I’m going forward one more time.

One thought on “What am I looking for in a WoW 9.0 reveal

  1. Borrowing what you said yesterday – “the revolution is coming, and it will be won by those that remain silent, but make their voices heard by voting”… with their wallet. Interesting to see how people will “vote” after Blizzard’s China shenanigans, regardless of whatever features are or are not revealed.

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