Featuring a chorus of, well you

Driving home last night I heard Wish you were here, by Pink Floyd


And it occurred to me, what would be really cool if I ever made it to Blizzcon.  And it dawned on me, but of course, having the thousands of people waiting outside all form a huge flash mob singing Wish you were here for all those people that are unable to attend, be it financial, health, or any other reason.  Of course I would have to run off a case of pages with the lyrics to hand out, and would have to find someone with some excellent acoustic guitar skills, maybe even a few drones to video the entire crowd singing.  And change up the lyrics of course.

Here is what I came up with so far, but there are one or two lines I am stuck on, or think could use a better line, and could use some help, and I am certainly open for suggestions for any other lines.


So you think you can tell,

Arcane from Fel.

Heals and Shadow word Pain.

Can you tell a Gnome Mage,

From a ___________?

To a Dwarf in the Vale?

Do you think you can tell?


Did you chat up in trade,

Group looking for Deeps?

Hots from trees?

A Drood for a Brez?

Dual spec’d for change?

Did you exchange

A standby role in the raid

For Guild Leader, and some rage?


How we wish,

how we wish you were here

We’re just thousands of souls

Gathered in Hall D,

Year after year

Questing over the same old ground

And how we found

The same old friends

Wish you were here….


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