Let’s talk about the mail @warcraftDevs

With a little prodding from a great person, I’m going to toss out two ideas concerning in game mail.

Ok, so the mail system has come a long way, from the age of Classic to where we are today with instantaneous mail sent through our account to any of our characters, to even instant mail between members of the same guild. And believe me, I am grateful for the improvements we have. But I think we can do better.

The first suggestion is something I have mentioned many times in the past when I’ve blogged ideas for things I would love to see added into the game. With the ever increasing encouragement for people to play Alts, it would be great to be able to see on the character load screen that,

How many of us have sent something through the mail to an alt we play every so often, and then a month later, it pops back up in the mail system as undelivered. I’m sure it’s happened at least once to a great deal of people, and for those Auction House Barrons of Industry, probably on many occasions trying to recall which auction house mules might have unsold items sitting in the mail, waiting to be listed once again. So that was my first idea.

Now for the more shooting for the stars idea.

So during Legion, we had the opportunity to earn “the Postmaster”, and if a certain great person on Twitter does not use this title all the time I will be upset they didn’t think of it, cough @Postsemreh cough. We got as a reward Katy Stampwhistle, allowing us to summon her once an hour to get our mail. Again, this was a great feature added, I’ve used her services many times, even a few when there was a mailbox a short distance away. But what more could we do. My idea would be to introduce a new mail carrier, Mac Feely, a nod to Mr. McFeely who delivered the mail for Mr. Rogers, but he would be an Inter-dimensional Mail Carrier that would allow you to, once every two hours, summon him to get the mail from all the characters on your account. By manipulating Inter-dimensional forces he can summon a mail portal for you. No more switching through 8-10 or more characters to see who has what in the mail. Obviously there should be a set of tasks to find him, but please not something insane involving several hours of puzzles. I would think visiting every capital city and places like Shattrath, The Vale, New Dalaran, and the current in Battle for Azeroth, to locate a special mailbox that is relatively simple to find, and once complete have him appear to you to award you an Inter-dimensional Stamp Toy that will allow you to summon him again.

So those are my two ideas. Like and share if you are inclined and thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the mail @warcraftDevs

  1. I’d really like to see a Mr. Mac Feely in the game! I use an add on, appropriately named Altoholic, that shows me what mail each character has, but I can’t access it unless I’m on the character. A “speedy delivery” service would be phenomenal!

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  2. A dangling mail announcement would make people obliged to login. Could be a scourge to active auction players.

    I would suggest adding the reminder one week before a letter expires. This way it won’t bother those who’re actively mailing things within guild, auction or to alts, and at the same time makes enough room to react to it.

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    1. Part of the reason AOL was so successful back in the day, was the Pavlovian response people had logging in and hearing “You’ve Got Mail” , it continues today with people constantly checking for email, whether or not they got any Likes or Mentions in social media. I agree, it may feel like an obligation, but perhaps a compromise counter on the mail notice, with how much mail you have on a character, and when it gets to less than a week before the oldest expires, the lettering turns red.


  3. I just wish this game would copy all the other MMOs and have an account level shared bank. For husband and I most of our characters’ mail traffic is from sending crafting mats and hand-me-down items to alts back and forth. Having a decent, and accessible account bank would eliminate so much unnecessary mailing…

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