Thank you Dad

On this Veterans Day, I wanted to say thank you dad, for your service during the Korean War.  Even though I lost you to Cancer almost 35 years ago, you taught me a lot.  Taught me to read about world events, to learn history, to understand why there are times it becomes necessary to go to war, to defend this country, and to have respect for those that serve, or have served in the military.

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I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be deployed on a ship that looks tiny compared to the ships we see today.  I remember your advice to me, “If you ever get drafted into the Navy, be sure to make friends with the cook”  It always gives me a smile thinking about that comment.


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It’s a shame I lost you all those years ago, and that you never had an opportunity to meet my Father in Law.  You two share a great deal of likes and dislikes.  I have a feeling if you had been around we would have never seen the two of you as you would have been fishing all the time.  And I am sure there would have been some friendly Army v Navy stories and ribbing.


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So on this Veterans Day, I would like to say Thank you Dad, and Thank you also to my Father in Law, for the years of service you served.

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