Lets talk about the level 85 gorilla in the corner

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Heart of Azeroth necklace level cap raised to 85?  And here I thought they said we would not see an endless raising of the cap ever again.  Or maybe that was just something I read somewhere that someone thought they mentioned.

Irregardless.  I will never see it capped, I doubt I will ever see it get to level 70.  I am tired of these ideas they keep coming up with that last not even an entire expansion, but not even longer than a tier, cough, corrupted gear

2 thoughts on “Lets talk about the level 85 gorilla in the corner

  1. I don’t see this as a big issue. 85 is a probable achievement/story cap, and if they are not implemented, completionists like myself may chill and sit on whatever level below that comes naturally by the time my other goals are complete. Did so in Legion, doing it in BfA.

    Levels over 85 are reducing Corruption, so that may be another bonus for competitive players to squeeze out more power to succeed in PvP/raiding/Mythic dungeons or whatever they do. I don’t think it will be an obligatory one – so that activities are tuned for level 100 or whatever. And in any case, pro-players devote a lot more time to prepare for the runs.

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