So I read WoWheads profession guild for 8.3

The Void Focus and Professions

With enough grinding, you’ll be able to unlock Mythic Crafting gear before the raid even comes out. Heroic gear will not require too much grinding. 

Here’s how to unlock Patch 8.3’s crafting gear.

  1. Farm mobs in N’Zoth invasions or Lesser Visions for  Recipe: Void Focus and use the item
  2. Farm more mobs in the same places for 10x  Void Focus Splinter and then open your professions and craft the Void Focus
  3. While farming mobs, you’re also looking for your Profession patterns. If you’ve collect 10x  Void Focus Splinter and haven’t gotten your patterns, keep farming even more N’Zoth mobs!
  4. This grants you the Something in Your Mind quest which you can turn in at Wrathion which unlocks the Void Focus and Normal Crafting gear.
  5. Accept Maintaining Focuswhich requires you to collect 20x  Shred of Insanity. Completing this unlocks Heroic Crafting gear.
  6. Accept Dream Catcher which requires you to collect 200x  Shred of Insanity. Completing this unlocks Mythic Crafting gear.

To get the  Shred of Insanity for the Heroic and Mythic quests, you can do the following. The Arena and World PvP drop rates are estimated from Sloot’s stream, make sure to go check him out!

  • World Boss – 1x  Shred of Insanity (Probably not available until second week)
  • Normal Raid Boss – 1x  Shred of Insanity per boss (Not available until second week)
  • Heroic Raid Boss – 10x  Shred of Insanity per boss (Not available until second week)
  • Mythic Raid Boss – 20x  Shred of Insanity per boss (Not available until third week)
  • Arena – ~50% chance from a win.
  • World PvP – Low chance from a Honorable Kill.
  • Battleground – ???

As usual, you’ll need lots of  Expulsom and other mats to make these crafts and they drop 5 item levels below the raid level, but do come with a guaranteed socket!

Sigh. Well, guess I don’t need to worry about my crafting profession then. Getting a lot harder to justify continuing a subscription.

6 thoughts on “So I read WoWheads profession guild for 8.3

  1. Has it always been the issue? Currently I’m struggling with transmog collections, and for example Firelands mage set requires 8 x Dreamcloth which is soulbound. Moreover, you may craft one piece only once per week, so just to complete the set I will need 2 months.

    I don’t deny that professions need a revamp, but the idea of crafting a full mythic set on day 1 is also a bit ridiculous 🙂

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    1. I was looking over my current top end crafted recipe for pants and hands. I have all of the materials, but need to unlock a forge at a top level. In the comments on WoWhead someone worked out it would take 74 weeks doing a full LFR clear every week from when Eternal Palace opened to craft two 440 pieces. It’s great they took out the requirement to run raids at normal or higher, and dungeons to gather materials, but the time involved makes it so ridiculous, it’s not worth bothering. I have done better playing once or twice a week doing world quests and bosses than many on the raid team doing heroic raids and mythic + dungeons every day. If it wasn’t for the easy cash flow from making bags, I’d drop crafting professions and go straight gathering.

      From looking at the recipes, if a Mythic raider can gather required items in a set number of boss kills, it takes 10 times that for heroic, 100 times for normal. Based on, collect 200 where mythic rewards 100, heroic 10, normal 1.


    2. I believe Dreamcloth you can make 6 per week if your using primal s earth, air, fire etc. and I can’t recall if they lifted the cap to once a day or not. Seems like ages ago.


    3. The interesting point is that even though it took several weeks, eventually you could make yourself some gear with materials earned doing world content, or even buying raw mats off the AH. And you could sell that gear also. Yes we needed to do daily quests until our eyes bled to earn rep to buy the recipes, but it wasn’t gated behind dungeons and raiding, and not BoP. As far as I recall, Legion was the first to introduce having to go into two different Mythic dungeon to get two cloth drops. I don’t recall WoD having that requirement.

      And then you have all those, if you’re not doing mythic content, why do you need the gear. Simple answer is they keep increasing the difficulty of world content to compensate for the level of gear available.


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