They finally got it right

I was suspicious the other day while working on Uldum world quests when I got not only a new crafted hands recipe, but also pants. Both are 440 socketed, but require a void focus. So I’ve been picking up void focus shards and figured once I had 10 I could make it. Apparently not that simple. A check on WoWhead indicated I needed a recipe, which I apparently had gotten also. So after making a few dozen items for the scrapper, I had enough Expulsum to make 440 pants and hands, and after crafting, got the recipe for the 455 versions. All without having to do the raids on high levels, or do mythic + dungeons. So thank you @warcraftDevs it appears you finally heard from those of us that don’t mind doing the work in the world, but really dreaded “having” to raid to craft gear that would be lower than the rewards from the raid. Still not a fan of random secondary stats, but it was a nice change.

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