Horrific Visions, bonus objectives, and masks, oh my

This past week I’ve leveled my cloak from 5 to 7 in five runs. Three were as a part of a 5 man guild group, one of which was with a mask. The other two were with my wife, just the two of us.

Doing a run with a mask up is something I don’t EVER want to do again, and if higher level completion requires it, the whole instance can take a flying leap. Doing a bonus objective and not getting the objective boss because of so much crap on the ground was frustrating to a point of just wanting to log out. But we completed on a second run without a mask. We did one more but we were out of coalescing visions. We did our dailies for two days and got enough to do two more last night to get 1 page from the bonus area, which I should say is not really a bonus, since you are required to do it to complete the quest. The two of us did horribly. We never made it though the trash mobs because we were being careful not to pull. I should note that while Blizzard seems to have acquiesced to complaints about timed runs, they just gave it a new look with a sanity count down timer, which is adding a level of stress I could do without.

So the second run we pushed faster, pulled more, both died at one point but I was able to come back because of the ability I took. We just got the boss down with each of us near death. Ran down, killed Thrall, and logged out. It took a few hours on two evenings to get enough currency to do a short run. I cannot see myself doing these much more, especially if it requires pushing further in to even more areas, or having to do masks. Some people enjoy them, I rank doing these below doing Mythic dungeons. Doing the world quests reminds me of Warlords of Draenor farming up Apexis crystals. After 11 years of playing, I’m starting to wonder if there are any original ground breaking ideas in the game, or if they are all just re-skins of past ideas wrapped with a big red bow.

7 thoughts on “Horrific Visions, bonus objectives, and masks, oh my

    1. From what I have been told, if I switched to Disc, the mobs would be 45% less health and much easier. I personally don’t feel I should need to play a spec I don’t know how to play just to clear content. Maybe it is easier for other classes, but I find even the easiest versions difficult.


  1. The class/spec makes a huge difference. Healer specs get the reduced health mobs since healers don’t typically gen much dps. Same with tank specs.

    Mages and SPriests have a squish factor that makes it tough. DH and DK are beasts (my 2 mains, now… I lucked out with my change). They’re tanky enough DPS to pull large packs (I understand pallys are too, but can’t speak from experience) and just nuke them down. Druids rock for the stealth (and I’m sure rogue is equally kick@$$, also can’t speak from experience). Hunters and warlocks just melt through mobs. My g/f mains a hunter and she just obliterates mobs.

    I do wish there was more tuning (kind of like how the mage tower treated different dps specs differently).

    Don’t get discouraged though. The beginning of your journeys through horrific visions are supposed to be nail-biting anxiety-ridden angst-fests. As you get momentos and fill out your titan panel and upgrade the cloak, it becomes a cake walk. I’m at the point where I’m ready to throw a corrupted zone into the mix now (pretty comfortable with mid zones and low zone). Also, look in group finder, you can usually find folks looking to run what you are running.

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    1. I think a big issue is they know what top players will do, and how they perform against mobs and bosses. So they design content to counter and make challenging. That said, if you are not playing the optimal talents and play style, don’t have spec specific gear or Azerite traits, you struggle.

      I abandoned the mage tower after a half dozen attempts. Just walked away. The minor upgrade to the cloak is not giving me the motivation it should.


  2. What I’ve learned so far:

    1. It’s not the mage tower (quit that too btw after several tries), both cloak and titan research are making it easier every time.
    2. Masks are designed for pro players and pose an extra challenge. I don’t and will not use them ever.
    3. Focus on upgrading cloak – that means focusing on certain bosses. Level 1-5 make sure you kill Alleria/Thrall only, and take as many mobs as it is safe for extra momentos. Level 6-12 requires only clearing level 2 zones bosses (clearing Dwarf/Trade districts in Stormwind or Zekhan/Drag areas of Orgrimmar) – and Thrall/Alleria are not necessary anymore. Level 13-15 will require hardest zones.
    4. 8.3. food helps a lot!! I opt for the one that always heals you, and stopped worrying about health at all, just sanity – and I’m playing mage.

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    1. Good to know. We thought we failed the one because we didn’t kill Thrall. We wasted time trying to figure out why we couldn’t get into the Zekhan area. Found the guy in the hut to kill. We don’t make big pulls. We just advance and take out small groups. But there is a lot of anxiety as you watch the bar slowly drop and you feel pushed to make risky moves.

      I’m old school WoW. Line of sight pulls, small manageable groups, keep it steady and progress through with no one dead. I have not been a fan of the go go go attitude so many have now.


  3. 5. Also it helps a lot to learn your trash. It is wise to test your limits with AoE, making sure that you don’t deal with harmless crawling blobs specifically – pull them into larger pack, deal with dangerous mobs, and these blobs will die from collateral AoE damage.
    6. Learn to skip packs when possible.
    7. Learn which mobs are most dangerous – those who knock you out (fear, dragging totems, stuns) or drain sanity and focus/pay close attention to them. The others could be ignored.


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