Come November

Come November after the elections are over and we have a new president, and hopefully a lot of new faces in Congress and the House of Representatives we will see…

10% will be unhappy their candidate lost, they will take to social media, change their profiles to “Not my President”, “Not my Government” and spend the next 4 years complaining about not being represented and will take every opportunity to point out why their candidate should have won.

10% will be rejoicing that their party or candidate of choice won, will seek out those in the first group, call them cry babies sore losers and will take every opportunity to point out why their candidate is best.

The next 10% on either side will be those that just voted party lines regardless of the candidate or their platform. They will be happy if they won, will take the loss and move on with their lives and vote in the next election continually voting party lines.

40% of the population won’t even vote. This number could vary. They will share meme’s poking fun at either candidate, will complain about political issues and how there is never real positive change.

The other 20% are the outliers, those that will call whoever wins President, will research a candidates platform and voting history, will look at what changes or continuations they are running for, decide how it may impact their family, friends, and others they may know. They will go to the polls and vote with their heart. They may not agree with all of their candidates choices or where they stand on issues, they are voting for the person they feel is going to do the best at the job. Not because they are a man or woman, not because of their party, their sexual orientation, if they’ve been divorced, fought in a war, if they are a top Ivy League grad, or genius at economics. They will look at the two choices, and vote for the person they think will be the best choice out of the two.

Everyone should be more like the last group. We should all do our due diligence and read up on those running. What ever the outcome, some will be happy, some won’t, most won’t care either way. The important thing is that you vote, that you make an informed choice, and win or lose, respect those that chose differently than you.

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