It is a good point.

Whether or not it is entirely accurate about the soldier carrying the donkey to prevent it from stepping on a mine, the point is valid. If you were walking through a minefield with others, would you stand right next to them? If they step on a mine, you’re both dead. Staying 6 feet away from someone should be your rule for when you are briefly around someone. wearing a cotton mask may offer you a slight level of protection in preventing “you” from exposing others if you are a carrier and just don’t know it yet. It does not give you a free pass to go about your life as normal.

Here are some chilling facts for you. The rehab facility my mother in law was at until she passed a month ago it ground zero for the 4 deaths in the county she lived in. She died from cancer, but if she had hung on a few more weeks may have died from a respiratory virus, at a place where they know people have weakened immune systems and take proper precautions. My father in law who also passed had lung problems. He was at a different rehab for physical therapy and developed sepsis from an infection and died. Every day I see in the news, people in their 20’s and 30’s who think they are immune, contracting this virus and either ending up on a ventilator or dead.

Here are some numbers I read yesterday. About 6% of people who get infected will end up in the hospital. 25% of them will end up on a respirator, and many will not recover, most may end up on a respirator for weeks. And that’s people who are healthy. If you have asthma or diabetes or a lung condition or other health issues, the numbers are staggeringly bad.

Stay at home, don’t go out unless you need to, if not to protect yourself and your family, then for the people you may come in contact with who you might just be killing.

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