Is Warcraft a toxic abusive relationship

I read through some of the new Class design information for Shadowlands as it pertains to Shadowpriests.  Needless to say I was not exactly thrilled to see that yet again after 6 years of trying to make Surrender to Madness work and failing time after time with it either being too powerful in certain situations, or that it puts too much of a skill cap difference between a top tier player in optimal gear, vs an average player in LFR to Normal pieces.  A few perfect playing with it and shine in damage done, while the vast majority has to live with the tuning passes made because of those few at the top.  The latest change has you cranking out damage at a high rate, as long as you kill your target before the buff wears off.  Or you die.  The current has you doing crazy damage and when the buff wears off you take damage equal to 90% of your health pool.  LOL, has anyone EVER been in a raid where towards the end of a fight, their health was above 89%? It is laughable that someone on the development team really want to make this work.  Either that or they have absolutely no idea what to do with the class and they just keep trying to find new ways to tweak what is already there.

So anyway, after an expansion where we have had spells and abilities pruned, and looking at the upcoming where we will see a level squish, they are putting all the abilities back in again.

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Yup, there goes that pendulum again.

So I offhandedly mentioned that I guess I would be doing pet battles in Shadowlands, because the class has gone beyond no longer being fun to play, and several people mentioned that now is a good time to roll something new, and that thought filled me with dread.  But I had to ask myself why.

I have in a sense had an 11 year relationship with my one max level character.  It has been my main from the good times to well these past several years of bad time.  And i started looking at it from a different point of view.  Would I stay in a bad relationship with this person if it was in real life?  Am I staying subbed to WoW for the kids? (Guild)  When you look at things like /played and see how many years you have committed to playing this game, at what point do you just say that is enough, and just walk away completely.  Personally there have been choices made in design both in my class and in how they handle guilds where it has felt like a slap in the face to me.  And yet here I still am.  But I really feel like it is coming to a tipping point, if not just me, but with a lot of others where we may all just grab what little we can carry and walk out on this relationship.  Too many years of “Trust us, we can change for the better” have convinced us to give them one more chance.

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