It happened, but it didn’t just happen

This is political in nature, so if you are not interested in reading, venture no further.

I am sure many have read, or heard about the allegations against Joe Biden concerning an alleged sexual assault back in 1993 when he was a Senator involving a woman on his staff.  I have seen many say that until someone officially goes on the record, it’s just he said she said.  So, I ran across an NPR article which stated that someone has gone on the record that back in 1995 the woman involved told her exactly what happened, and that the recent statement made was word for word what she was told some 25 years ago.  When asked if this would change her vote her reply was

“Biden isn’t a bad guy. I think he’s an OK guy. He just has this — this just happened.”

Then she clarified, “and this happened, not just happened, this did happen.”


I have said for quite awhile to family and friends, that what the Democrat and Republican party have done is recent years, going back and digging up things from the past in an effort to block nominations etc. might eventually bite them in the ass.  To me, whether or not this is 100% true or not, it should be investigated and thoroughly looked into with all the effort that has been made with other allegations in recent years.  Joe Biden should not get a pass because he was Vice President, or because he is the potential Democrat candidate for President.  If the word of victims is supposed to have merit regardless of person involved, it absolutely has to be uniform across the board.  You cannot just say in one case, “Oh, it happened more than 25 years ago, he’s a different person now” compared to “Yes it was over 40 years ago, but it goes to showing the kind of person he was and likely still is”

One thought on “It happened, but it didn’t just happen

  1. I agree totally, that this should be investigated like any of the other allegations that have been levied against any other politician no matter what there affiliation. I am just tired of both sides acting in someone else’s best interest and not the people of this country.

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