Are some Warcraft achievements designed to send you to WoWhead

I worked on two exploration achievement last night.  It involved heading into Boralus and the surrounding Alliance zone on my Horde character.  I don’t care if I was on an Alliance character, there is no way that any of the scrolls or books could have been found without the information having been data mined.  Even using WoWHead comments that gave me exact coordinates to find the items, I found myself at first standing there, looking around, occasionally fighting off guards and NPC’s intent on killing me, and eventually flying up out of the way and watching YouTube videos where someone shows you exactly where to look.  Is it possible that I might find one item accidentally if my mouse hovered over it.  The only thing I can conclude is that there have been tasks added to the game for players to do that have a sole purpose of generating traffic to WoWHead.

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