Given the right circumstances the tiniest spark can become a raging fire.

Seems appropriate

Tried glancing at all that is going down over Method, and FinalbossTV. I’m sure in the coming days there will be more people and organizations set ablaze.

Let me say right off, they dropped the ball. They received emails about the allegations and chose to believe the person they knew. They got word of police involvement and chose to believe the person they knew. When the police matter was dropped, they must have felt they made the right call. When it quickly became apparent they were wrong, they finally took action. They screwed up and are getting dragged down because of it.

I saw so many comments condemning management and any that were a forward face of the organization, some very threatening comments, very few in defense. And that last is tough. In the culture we have today you cannot defend anyone without running the risk of being condemned too. Everyone is lightning fast on that button to make a statement, state their position, make it clear to everyone that they condemn the person or business. As for Corsair I saw many good for you dropping them, along with shame on you for jumping the gun innocent until proven guilty.

15 years ago a bunch of gamers formed a guild and grew it into the massive organization that it became. They had corporate sponsors, they were our all-stars, a bunch of nerds that made it big. I’m sure Mike Morhaime never would have imagined when he created his little company that it would be the massive corporation it is today. Just as I’m sure Method made mistakes, Blizzard has probably made some big ones too. They are only human, you try your best to believe the person you know, when faced with staggering allegations your first impulse will always be, this can’t be true. When you get to be my age you will understand that people mess up. Lives get ruined, and things get a little better because it reveals problems that need to be addressed.

I once wrote about the false sense of security all of these people in the gaming world have when they head down this path thinking they will be able to earn a great living playing games. That none of them ever think that it could all go away overnight. I’m sure a lot of those that have distanced themselves from the organization are now wondering, how am I going to make my rent next month, do I try to get a spot on another team? Am I going to lose that sponsor money? How will I survive? Knowing the way the internet seems to work, I would say I’m about two weeks we will see some GoFundMe campaign’s started to help those that have lost their jobs. I’m pretty sure unemployment does not pay out for Gamers. Hopefully this may be a wake up call to many that this career you chose, is not as safe as you think.

It is going to be a long weekend to say the least. Just try to keep in mind that Method was a business and these people were employees. Not all of them knew, just like any company the workers don’t always know what the bosses are up to. They are there to do their job and collect a paycheck

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