What do you do when your idea to gain new players has a flaw

I was thinking about this whole new idea. Level cap squish to 60, because getting from 1 to 130 seems daunting. Actually I think too that 130 seems like an odd number too. But anyway, so you’ve stripped the amount of levels in half 1-60. Seems much more reasonable. And with level scaling anyone can pick and choose where they get their starts, and can level anywhere they want too. Sounds perfect. Look at those gear reward upgrades, why that new piece of gear is a whole 2 iLvLs higher than what you have currently. Surely that must be better.

While I’m thinking about gear levels I should point out that the garrison rewards for missions still to this day say you will get a piece of 700 gear. Even though when you get the reward it’s only around 120, maybe, and this may be crazy talk, someone should update the text files to reflect “actual” reward numbers. Just a thought.

So you have new player Sam who just bought World of Warcraft and is excited to jump in and play the game. They pick a new character, probably a Paladin or Druid, because they look tough, and off they go. They join a guild because asking questions in general chat is not exactly the best place, and they work their way up to 50. Now they are faced with the problem.

What do all these abilities and covenants mean? How do I figure them out. Let me ask in guild chat.


You see, unless you have been playing the alpha, and soon beta, you are going to have a hard time figuring it out on your own, let alone trying to explain to someone new to the game. There are several design teams dealing with issues separately. And my fear is Shadowlands is going to knock BfA and WoD out of the park as the worst WoW expansion, just in the level of complexity and time commitment to run the same content over and over. I’ve seen brief mentions about features and it’s so far over my head that I don’t even want to try to research things. I can’t even fathom class redesign for the one character I play. When it goes live I will check which are the choices I should make, I will set them and that’s it. If it has become to complex for me as a long time player that focuses on one class and spec, how do you expect a new player to understand and learn.

Maybe it’s tome to stop looking at the top 5%, and instead simplify things for the other 95%

4 thoughts on “What do you do when your idea to gain new players has a flaw

  1. I am of the opinion that this is where FF14 truly outshines WoW, in that the experience at level 5 is pretty darn close to the experience at end game. The downside is the sheer length of time it takes to get to end-game, compared to WoW’s 20h (in SL it seems) duration.

    I’ve replayed through Legion for some alts. There’s not a single system from that expansion that is relevant to BfA, in the context of the leveling experience. WoD is worse due to the intro quest for the garrison. “I built this amazing base” “oh, I’m level 100, time to leave it forever”.

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    1. I read all of the initial design goals for the Garrison. It was supposed to be able to be built anywhere you wanted. But they ran into issues where they thought people would try to build it on mountainsides. So they added the other bases idea and having 3 or 4 in fixed areas,but even they got cut for time. They tried to make it a player house, but I think they tried to dump to much into it, and made it compulsory at the start.

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  2. Amen, Partner! It boggles my mind that Blizz is going to make nearly every aspect of gear EVEN MORE COMPLICATED in Shadowlands. I am long past the point where I can even do a decent job using Raidbots to sim my gear for a reasonable (not even the best) combination, because it turns out that the max 16 MILLION permutations is not even close to enough.

    My imagination sees the way the garrison unfolded as this: At the early design meetings, every department was instructed to figure out ways they could incorporate the garrison into their area, so as to make it a relevant part of the expansion. Independently, most departments got all excited about how it could be the central feature for their area. No one took the time to see that this would result in the garrison becoming all-consuming for WoD, and look what we got.

    I think we have seen a similar thing unfold over a longer period of time with special abilities. The notion that trinkets or rings could have some kind of special proc probably was successful when it was introduced as a regular thing. Then every design team began to make special procs and attributes part of their area — crafting, food, “champions”, and especially nearly every other gear slot. Add in the notion of dozens of legendaries being available, and it has become impossible to balance classes, because there is no way to control all the added buffs and abilities someone can cobble together. And there is also no way to figure out how OP some particular combo will be because there are literally billions of them. And Blizz keeps adding more.

    We are at the point where tweaking or even redesigning various classes and specs is almost not worth doing, because class design is becoming a smaller and smaller part of a character’s power. The most it can do is either hinder or enhance usage of all the special gear abilities. The classes whose rotations and/or base design hinder this are expansion losers, and the ones whose rotation/design enhances it end up being the winners.

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