Can we get a plot twist?

Expansion after expansion Horde bad guys, Alliance good guys. Over and over. Oh look you have a new leader for the horde. Hmmm, they aren’t very evil, better kill them off or have them go on walk about. Oh they are sufficiently evil, let’s push them over the top by doing something utterly horrible that everyone is repulsed. You get the drift.

What I would love to see is a Huge plot twist. Sylvannas is a bad guy, but, she is trying to redeem herself. Losing Varian and Vol’Jin were the final straws that made her choose a different path. Decades of losing those she cared about, seeing family and those close to her killed never to return. She finds out who has been behind it all, the jailor, creates a situation where the Alliance and Horde battle it out with only the strongest hero’s surviving in a last ditch effort to break everyone free. To do so she must sacrifice everything, become the most hated person on Azeroth so that she can break the veil between worlds. Sure we have lost a lot of people, but what if it’s all been a sacrifice to get everyone back. Would Anduin care if he got his father back?

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