A question for Ion

I really don’t have any way to share this on Twitter, if anyone would like to tag him it’s appreciated.

Mr. Hazzikostas,

I have a question for you concerning the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.  I would like you to tell me why I should commit $400, the $40 basic edition cost plus a 2 year subscription.  I am a single character player, I have played one character for 11 years, through the good and the bad.  I struggle to play higher level content, and as a result have found myself doing less in the end game than ever in previous expansions. From what I am reading, I will only be able to experience 25% of the story, unless I want to burn bridges and change Covenants.  The end game features appear on reading comments concerning the amount of quests involved, are becoming a huge time sink.  I do see where I will be able to attempt some content alone, but I also have seen phrases like “with a group of friends”.  I have never avoided using group finder in the past, but this current expansion has made it very unpleasant.  Trying to clear one wing of LFR can mean more than a 2 hour commitment, just fighting the 3 bosses and the mobs, not even factoring in the 45 minute to 1 hour wait, or watching groups fall apart over and over.

Yesterday I read a breakdown of the quest chain to unlock Runecarving, 58 steps involved.


If I allow 10 minutes a quest, and there seems to be a bit of travel involved not even counting having to fight my way to objectives, it will be taking me 10 hours or more to unlock a feature.  I will absolutely be looking at what will be involved once I have done so in order to gather materials to craft anything.  I get that you can’t just give away for free the materials needed to craft gear, that some level of work should be required, but for those like myself, you have placed such a commitment of time to make just one thing, gating it behind doing content that rewards better than what you are working to make, that the entire idea behind professions is a joke.

I could probably write a few thousand words expressing frustrations over the lack of improvements given to guilds, now facing the potential of having even more servers connected allowing people to create more alts wanting to be added to a guild that is maxed out based on design that is 12+ years old.

I will just wrap this up asking again, why should I commit to spending $400×2 accounts.

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