The covenant is a lie, soulbinds are a lie, there will be no choice

Regardless of what covenants you might think sound cool, that may have some feature you would like, if you are interested in playing any end game content, you will be forced to choose from one, maybe two options. The bonuses available will be so skewed that you will be forced to take the one that gives you the best bonuses so that you can clear content more easily. Soulbinds will be similar I’m sure. For me? The trash panda shadowpriest? I no longer have any hope that there will be any change to void form, will be no option for a secondary build, and for the next two years I will log in a handful of times a month to make an appearance. All they are looking at is potential balance issues with conduits. Class design changes are out the window. The most they will do is nerf Devouring Plague if they feel it is performing to well.

I’m actually considering just not buying the expansion. I debated buying BfA and realize that was a bad purchase. Shadowlands feels worse and we are 5+ months away.

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