I guess that’s it then. RIP Shadowpriests

From yesterday’s interview with Ion

There are no plans for another large drop of additional class changes. They wanted to drop large changes and revamps early so there is plenty of time to get feedback and change things.

So we will still have Voidform, we get some kind of Devouring Plague which has to be adjusted because it’s too powerful in certain situations, and some form of Shadow Word Death.

I am beyond aggravated, beyond upset, beyond even caring anymore. They absolutely have no clue what to do with the spec, have no idea how to rework it so that there could be more than one option for playing at all levels, and obviously don’t want to be bothered or commit resources into working it out.

I honestly hope the expansion fails worse than BfA, worse than WoD. They have lost me as a player that gives a damn about what they do. Months of good solid feedback on what is wrong, ideas for improvement, and not a word, just an offhand remark “yeah I think I’ve heard there are some concerns with Shadowpriests” by Ion in Preachgamings closing comments during the interview last week.

The design philosophy at Blizzard now is “this is what we are giving you, we might make some tuning changes if a spec is too strong, take what we are giving you, play it or not, we don’t care”.

Oh, and the writing is on the wall, we will end up grinding the rep with all four factions so we can swap abilities. And just between us, I think that was part of the plan to begin with. Why allow us to just pick one and not play additional hours working on others boosting MAU numbers. So now if you want all possible bonus abilities it will take you 4 times as long to do so.

Swapping Covenants is a hot topic and they want there to be a meaningful choice there. However, if all else fails, they can give up and let players swap when they want but they want to try to save the system before throwing it out.

The artwork will be stellar, the game play will be a slog. I will barely play it. I will get to cap, and log in once or twice a week, maybe.

10 thoughts on “I guess that’s it then. RIP Shadowpriests

  1. Nothing is better as a message about terrible class design and not caring about the game than paying $50 for expansion and $15 for subscription every month only to log in 2 times a week. I’m sure Ion will be devastated.

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    1. They don’t care about subs anymore. It’s all monthly active user numbers. It doesn’t matter if people are just subbed, or pay for the $39 digital download. They have to show that players are spending hours a day playing. They need to have results of player participation in features of an expansion. If MAU numbers drop significantly then maybe they will start taking a hard look at how they are designing the game.


    2. I got their number. I haven’t payed real money since the token became available on the AH. Takes less then an hour a day to keep my freeloading ass on their servers. I’m sucking electricity outta the servers. That’ll show ’em!

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    1. It’s tough when you see time and again, developers commenting on other class designs, you see ideas and changes made. And then you scroll though getting your hopes up when you see Priest in the list of changes, and go a little further and there is nothing about the Shadow spec. Year after year. I have tried other classes, they are more foreign to me than what I play now. It would be helpful if we got something more than an offhand remark by Ion “yeah, I think I’ve heard something” or “We know there are issues and we will try to address them in a later patch” Mostly it starts to feel like he wants a certain class and type of player to just go away so he can design a competitive game the way he wants. I am not asking to be at the top of damage meters. I just want an option in the way the class plays that I can be close to what those that can play as designed. It gets old when you hear them talk about player choices, and we don’t want cookie cutter builds, when it always ends up, you need to take this or you are wrong, and your performance will be so bad you just don’t want to play.

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  2. I really DON’T think they know what to do with Shadow Priest, much less the other DPS casters, and that’s a bigger problem than this. So many classes, so many classes exactly alike (the spell names are different but). They’ve really painted themselves into a corner. Ion isn’t really noncommittal. He just doesn’t actually know what to say at this point.

    As long as I enjoy playing my toons, I don’t really care about numbers, but a lot of people do, and they’re getting pissed.

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  3. GodDAMN do I feel bad for you man. Like I feel like Arcane is just unfun, and Fire has a new backwards-ass design for cleave, but Shadow is just completely broken. I don’t get how they can do so good with some specs and just leave others in such a mess

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  4. Over the last few years, as they did the final rounds of class prunings, they had a golden opportunity to really pare each class and spec down to its essence and to make sure the baseline sets of abilities were fun and meaningful to play. Instead, they used it as an excuse to load up every class with a ridiculous array of extra procs and gear spells and corruption and azerite and who knows what else, to the point where the baseline rotations are completely covered up by all the other crapola “abilities”.

    I know nothing about Blizz dev organization, but it seems pretty obvious that none of the class design devs gives a hoot about the classes they are designing — it’s all simply numbers to them. None of them is a true expert in — nor do they come close to being passionate about the experience of — the classes they design. That has been the case with hunters for years, and it seems to also be the case for Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans and some other classes.

    But hey, I am certain the numbers look great on the drawing board…. and if not, there is always the tried and true prescription of wild pendulum swings for the first half of the expansion, basically keep guessing until most of the complaints die down. Doesn’t matter if they die down as a result of perceived improvement or simply because everyone is too exhausted to care any more — as long as they die down.

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    1. I can’t see the logic of designing a classes potential based on getting all the best optimal gear, setting a maximum performance value to their damage or heals, and then letting the rest fall where it will. Designing to suit a handful, even 1000 players that “might” manage to farm up every best in slot piece, and have the ability to play at the highest levels is flawed. We all try to follow guides to do our best, and the sim numbers that say, play this way and you will be fine. When we can’t even come close? It’s aggravating. I shouldn’t do worse than my wife in similar iLvL gear in her healing spec fighting things in the world. She clicks a couple of spells and before I ramp up enough for void form it’s dead. Their adding Devouring Plague as a bandage is not going to work. Someone will figure out how to make it being available to do huge damage, and they will nerf it into oblivion. The entire class was supposed to get some changes after the first tier of Legion was done, never happened. The hope was before BfA dropped that they would do something, now we see Shadowlands is just continuing the same flawed design.

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  5. I wonder sometimes if they never had much of a clue about class design. It feels as though the original class designs were mostly luck and it’s been downhill since then. Now in Shadowlands Holy Power is back for all paladin specs, urgh! Eclipse is back for Balance druids, urgh x1000! . When other MMORPGs can add new classes at a steady clip (e.g. DDO) and keep the game functional and fun, I wonder what exactly is Blizz spending all their time on (fussy, throwaway new systems) with their much larger teams? It’s not rocket science. Adding new classes give a lot more casual leveling fun to existing content, at least more than the proliferation of paper-thin ‘allied races’ that we’ve received of late. /rant

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