Guess who’s back, Shadey’s back

There was a hint yesterday but today they dropped the news.

So many changes, this isn’t just some minor tweak or a new ability, this is a major rework. I’ve read through the list and on the surface it seems very promising.

3 thoughts on “Guess who’s back, Shadey’s back

  1. When I saw the news drop, my first thought was that I need to pay attention to some folks who main spriests. You were in the top 3. I don’t have a lot of history with spriests. Most of my experience is with Disc (mostly Cataclysm Disc topping both the damage and healing meters). Hoping this is enough to save the spec for folks that have give their heart and soul to the shadow.

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    1. When they went all in with Void Form, pushed Shadowpriests to be more of a “pure” DPS class, they tried to make Disc the in between filler. The changes look good. Lots of testing needed, but a good step

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