It’s never perfect for everyone

Lots of discussions going on over in the Priests forums at Blizzard.  A lot of posts cheering for the design changes being made for Shadowpriests for Shadowlands, and there are negative comments too.  With the excitement for those that have spent the past 4 years playing with a design that we did not enjoy, pointing out the flaws from early Legion Beta, and continuing into BfA.  We have played this way for two expansion.  So yes, we all were a bit upset with the possibility that it was going to go another 2 years.  But even prior to this, the Shadowpriest from Burning Crusade and Wrath, was not the same as during Cata, or Mists.  There is always change.  Sometimes it works out well for the majority, sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s never going to be perfect for everyone.  And even though I respect those that have great ideas for how to improve things, spending time working out numbers, creating programs that can show how making some minor changes might salvage a design, just so they can have it stay the same for another 2 years or longer, I am sorry, but your way may seem great to you, but it certainly wasn’t for me, or for a great many other players.  Stomping your feet and having a hissy fit in feedback posts because you felt you spent a great deal of time working on a fix, and it seems no one paid attention to you is counter productive.  Maybe what you thought would be a simple fix was a lot more difficult than you expected.  Maybe they were not looking at who was playing and doing well, but who, like myself, were not playing, and looking at why.

I am enthused for the changes that are coming, it is going back to more of the original core design, and maybe, just maybe, the encounters in the upcoming expansion will need us to have abilities more in line with this new rework.  All I know from 11 years of playing is that even if this all works out for the best, in 2 or 4 years from now, there will be another new change coming, and some people will be happy, and others not.

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