Updated chorus of you.

Driving home weeks ago when this idea came to me, I heard Wish you were here, by Pink Floyd

And it occurred to me, what would be really cool if I ever made it to Blizzcon. And it dawned on me, but of course, having the thousands of people waiting outside all form a huge flash mob singing Wish you were here for all those people that are unable to attend, be it financial, health, or any other reason. Of course I would have to run off a case of pages with the lyrics to hand out, and would have to find someone with some excellent acoustic guitar skills, maybe even a few drones to video the entire crowd singing. And change up the lyrics of course.

But now with COVID and a virtual Blizzcon I’m rethinking everything. Instead of my original idea, I’ve thought of a different spin on things.

I’d like to see Ion walking down a hall to a meeting, he passes The Lich King, makes an offhand remark to him

Come on now Arthas, HR has told you, it’s range 6 minimum, and we’ve told you, that helmet is not an approved PPE mask.

He heads into a room with dozens of monitor screens for a big zoom meeting. Goes over a few things concerning Blizzcon being held virtually, and does anyone have any thoughts. While in the background you hear @Englishguy (James Ridgers) playing the intro music on a speaker phone at the conference table.

Ion says,

“hey James, your mic is open”

So, anyone have any thoughts on what we can do to let all the players know we wish they could be here with us?

Then team after team starts adding their voices to the song.


So, So you think we could tell,

Arcane from Fel.

Heals and Shadow word Pain.

Could we tell a Gnome Mage,

From a Forsaken ranged,

To a Dwarf in the Vale?

Do you think we can tell?

Did we chat up in trade,

Groups looking for Deeps?

Hots from a tree?

A Drood for a Brez?

Dual spec’d for change?

Did we exchange

A standby role in the raid

For Group finder, and some rage?

How we wish,

how we wish you were here

We’re just hundreds of souls

Gathered in our own homes

Tier after tier

Questing over the same old ground

And how we found

The same old friends

Wish you were here….


If anyone would like to share this to the folks in Anaheim, please feel free.


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