Connecting low pop realms isn’t helping

Since Realmpop went offline, be it from changes to the API making it too difficult to track, or Blizzard putting in a cease and desist, it’s difficult to judge the population of your realm, or connected realm. Obviously there is a continuing issue with low pop realms, the connections made a few years ago were a bandage that worked for a time. But now in the waning days of Battle for Azeroth they are pushing through more. But again, it will only be a bandage.

I have a large community guild. We run between 925-1000 characters, and about 375-400 accounts. If Blizzard raised the guild cap, I could have 5000 characters, but still only 375-400 accounts. This last expansion has seen a great many people give up certainly, but also server transfer away for the opportunity to play at higher levels. And that’s great for those small groups of friends that go off to play in a manner that makes the game enjoyable to them.

My guild focuses on getting AoTC heroic each tier. We are one of the top raiding guilds on our connected server. If we pushed the first couple Mythic bosses at the end of a tier we might be top 3, But we don’t. We get the team their full clear, they run it a few more times to make sure everyone gets their ahead of the curve, then they focus more on previous tier achievements or Mount runs. We are probably the most active guild on the server(s). Connecting us to another server or three won’t help those who would like to do more, their only option is to pug, or transfer.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make? I honestly don’t know. I have my fingers crossed that we will get lucky and get connected to a medium size server with a decent amount of guilds participating in all aspects of the game. But I dread the downside, asking people to remove more of the Alts they enjoy playing so we can make room for new people. I certainly hope Shadowlands pumps some life into the game. But in the meantime I will just keep doing what I have been for so long I forget when I started. It works I guess, 11 1/2 years and the guild is still here.


Just saw from WoWhead

The Exalted requirement to unlock Allied Races is removed in the Shadowlands pre-patch! Check out more pre-patch changes.

So more potential Alts for people but still not addressing the guild cap. GG @warcraftdevs

4 thoughts on “Connecting low pop realms isn’t helping

  1. There’s an addon called GreenWall. It connects chat between 2 guilds. Our guild got so big that our officers created a new guild for the overflow. We let all the guildies know that they needed to install the addon. Let everyone know they need to keep their 3, 4, or 5 (whatever makes sense for your folks) toons in the main guild and transfer the others to the sister guild. If you hit a 2 guild cap, add a third.

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    1. I think it was mentioned in our guild forums awhile back. A few were all for doing it, others thought it was too much of a hassle, that they would need to switch to a character with permission to add people to that guild. I stayed out of it because I didn’t want the prospect of having to set up a second guild, and having a character as GM that I would need to log into.

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      1. Agreed, multi-guilds has headaches and overhead that just sucks. Why they don’t raise the cap, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t understand why they don’t enable Real ID membership in guilds for folks who are all-in on a realm is simply beyond me. It makes the maintenance of member ranks a LOT easier.

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