Can we get off the merry go round?

I started in Wrath so my knowledge of original WoW and the Burning Crusade isn’t that great when it comes to knowing how the expansions ended while they were current. But looking over the last 12 years.

Wrath, we killed the Lich King, end of story, that’s a wrap, see you all at the cast party.

Cataclysm, defeated Deathwing, all the aspects lose their power, let’s put this one in the can.

Mists of Pandaria, ahhh, now it starts going off the rails. We eventually defeat Garrosh, put him in chains, fade to black. Buuuut, if you read Warcrimes, there is a trial, and at the end he escapes with help to Alternate timeline Draenor. So the villain gets away and we continue our pursuit into the next expansion.

Warlords of Draenor, something, something, hey we are on another planet, but it’s not the Draenor we knew, it’s different, and we went back in time, or sideways, or something. Spoiler alert, Thrall eventually kills Garrosh, but due to time travel bugs, the quest-line is all over the place so it kind of feels odd seeing him die in a cinematic cut scene only to have him back the following week as we complete a quest chain. But Garrosh was not the bad guy, it was Guldan. But he escaped.

Legion, oh come on now, can we just end this 6 year old story arc? Wait, we are releasing a Illidan, and everyone gets a Demon Hunter now? Some stuff happens, we touch on the topic of drug addiction, fight endless waves of demons, take a spaceship to Argus?? Can I get off the ride now? Some dude bigger than a planet plunges a 3 mile long sword in the planet, but not to worry she’s ok?

Battle for Azeroth. Now we are picking up broken pieces of the planet so we can power up ancient artifacts that should fix things, but also could probably destroy all life as we know it, if we don’t kill ourselves first fighting over who gets the stuff. Horde do some bad things, spoiler alert, it’s a consistent plot point, horde are bad guys that do bad things.

And now we are heading into years 9 and 10 of this drawn out story, finding out there is some evil we need to kill on the other side of death and following Sylvannas who is apparently the ultimate horde bad guy leader….again.

So help me if this Jailor escapes and leads us into the next expansion I am gonna flip a table.

So what is everyone’s opinion, should each expansion be a stand alone story that has Azeroth as a backdrop, or should it be a never ending tale with the villain having a bigger boss behind him leading to the next, and then the next one, and the next one.


2 thoughts on “Can we get off the merry go round?

  1. I would disagree with the approach. If we take the Big Bad as a cornerstone, we could roughly divide the universe iterations into several lore stories:

    The Lich King: Warcraft III Reign of Chaos -> Warcraft III Frozen Throne -> WotLK
    Legion: Warcraft III Reign of Chaos -> TBC -> WoD -> Legion
    Old Gods: Classic -> WotLK -> Cataclysm -> MoP -> BfA
    Jailer/Maw: BfA -> Shadowlands

    And let’s not forget one of the biggest Big Bads:
    Faction War: Warcraft I -> Warcraft II -> Warcraft III Frozen Throne -> Classic -> MoP -> BfA

    None of this arcs was a standalone project, they are intertwined and brought to business when required. Several game iterations were required in every case to fully explore and close them. 4 out of 5 seem finalized (Jailer is yet to be defeated), and next we will procede to the Light/Void theme.

    Point is, it’s not the never-ending story. The Big Bads take turns from harassing Azeroth. Blizzard simply started to put more or less logical links between expansions which is fine when you’re making series 🙂

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  2. I wasn’t around for the end of Vanilla (I had killed off all my toons and stopped playing) but for BC we killed off Illybeans, then we went the the Island of Endless Grinding where we fought Zombie Kael’thas and stopped Kil’jaeden from pulling himself into Azeroth through a cosmic sphincter.

    In case you were wondering.

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