Some people really are horrible

I ordered a bunch of these over a month ago.

The order was $118 with discounts. It looked like a reputable web site, they took credit cards and PayPal. 2 weeks ago I pulled up the confirmation email to track the shipment and got this result.

Their store web site is gone also. So it was a surprise when they emailed me to let me know they shipped the order. Today I got my order.

Cheap plastic pumpkins that I could get at a dollar store. Needless to say I am done trying to support any business unless it’s sold through Amazon or I can buy at a physical brick and mortar store.

An update

The shipper contacted me to tell me sorry, they checked the web site and see that it had some misleading information. They are offering a 20% discount on the order if I would like to keep it. So $36, because in their experience it could cost $20 to ship the items back. The package weighed less than a pound. Looking through PayPal’s forums I ran across someone had the same experience. Ordered the pumpkins and went to dispute, PayPal just closed the ticket. One things for sure, using PayPal is not as protected as you may think.

7 thoughts on “Some people really are horrible

  1. if you paid with paypal, contest it with them. If it was your CC call your bank. You got scammed and they can get the ball running to get your refund and help get the accountable parties slapped on the wrist.

    So sorry you had to deal with this.

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      1. My wife looked up similar listings online and there are thousands of complaints from people saying what’s shown is not what you get. She tried to give them a 1 star rating and was blocked from posting. The only ratings they have are 5 star.


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