At this point is Beta even Beta?

I’ve been seeing a lot of people mentioning that they got a Beta invite for Shadowlands, and apparently there was a large wave of invites that went out, but I have to wonder, at this point where we are possibly a week from the pre-patch, and less than a month to release, is it even Beta any more, or is it more of a publicity and marketing ploy.
I didn’t get the coveted email yet, I doubt I will, even if I did, there really isn’t anything left to uncover or report. Class balancing will be happening soon I suppose, maybe they are hoping in the next week all these people will level to 60 and give some of the new features a whirl to see if the game is stable. Who knows. All I know is that it almost feels like a means to get people excited to log back in. Me? I’m just biding my time until we see the pre-patch, then I will run my one character through everything, and then sit back and wait for October 26th, or maybe November 3rd………

7 thoughts on “At this point is Beta even Beta?

  1. Actually, going back into the depths of time, this is probably as close to actual beta as once gets, code that you believe is ready to ship and that you want feedback and testing on from a wider audience. That Blizz is making changes to things at this late date is probably the scary bit. That makes me think this is not a marketing or promotional beta, but something they are worried about.

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  2. Have Blizzard ever failed to meet an announced release date for a WoW expansion? I noticed a few people suggesting the date might get rolled back but no-one I saw mention it seemed to think that was odd. I know it’s happened in other MMORPGs I’ve played but I thought Blizzard were above that kind of thing.

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