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And I think it might be what they are looking at right now. I will admit, I was not a fan of the prospect of locking myself into a covenant for a prolonged period. Can you imagine buying a game where you made a choice in the first week and had to play 1/4th of the game until you were tired of it? Sure I can see their logic that it will allow people with 4 or more characters to experience 4 different aspects of the expansion, but I really don’t want to get pigeon holed into a choice like that. I like the idea of being able to swap abilities in town once we’ve unlocked them, it encourages you to do more of the content, and maybe at some point you will want to change and work on a different set of daily quests. I still really don’t know a lot about the expansion, because unless you go specifically searching for streamers or YouTube videos outlining what you will need to do, there isn’t much that I have seen that is making me excited to get in there to choose one over the other, I have no clue about these conduit things, and I feel that I am going to make a lot of bad choices that are going to slow me down while I try to keep up with those on the raid team that want me to jump in with them this expansion. I have always tried to do my best, but if this ends up being layers upon layers of complex systems requiring me to spend hours a week grinding out some form of currency, I am not going to be happy about playing. The game is not supposed to be a job, and I just wish they would finally get that through their heads.

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  1. I fear WoW Retail needs a change of leadership (though I’m sure some would argue the opposite and say all is fine). They keep making the same mistakes, from the perspective of me and the friends I play with, and if anything are even getting more into the extreme grindy, RNG side of things.

    Why are they so wedded to throw-away expansion limited progression mechanics. There are plenty of other examples in the genre of how to do alternative advancement or horizontal power progression. Yet here we are, for the third expansion in a row, with stuff that will be super grindy and then forgotten as soon as we’re done in the Shadowlands. It’s rather tiring.

    I still want to see the story in Shadowlands, I’m actually rather a fan of their overall story-telling (though BfA had more missteps than Legion), but I really am tired of Blizzards game mechanics design philosophy.

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