I’m a bit worried for Shadowlands

Yesterday I saw a note that Covenant abilities would not be usable outside of Shadowlands. No idea why someone thought that would be a good idea. It you redesign and balance classes based on an added feature to the expansion then all the systems should be available reguardless of where you are in the game. Can you imagine practicing at a target dummy and some of your tool kit was missing? So at the end of the day I saw a note, due to player feedback they were reverting the change. And that stood out to me as a red flag. Are they so worried about player perception for this expansion that they are willing to just scrap ideas before they even have a chance to get tested? What else is going on.

After the 13th, and the few days for people to get use to the squash, because more than 50% is not a squish, and we are over the scourge event, players are going to want the expansion, and I doubt the good feelings about waiting a little longer will last a month, or longer. I have a feeling that by the 20th we will see an announcement that things are being scrapped for balancing issues.

Is this a make or break expansion for Activision? I think it might be. They cannot have two back to back duds. Don’t get me wrong, BfA wasn’t horrible, but a lot of things fell flat after a prolonged period of time doing them. Guess we will know in a few weeks.

6 thoughts on “I’m a bit worried for Shadowlands

  1. The reaction to Blizzard’s decison to push back the expansion has been pretty supportive so far. I think most people are on the somewhat nostalgic “it’s done when it’s done” train right now. The crucial factor, though, isn’t when the expansion eventually goes live, it’s how good it is when it comes. If it’s a big improvement on the unpopular BfA, the delay will be written into Blizzard history as a wise decision and maybe even a step-change in how the company is seen. If Shadowlands turns out to be an unsatisfactory expansion, though, the delay will end up being seen as further evidence of a team in crisis, unable to get things right or fix its own mistakes. Risky move.

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    1. I think back on the garrison and how it was supposed to be all these great things and they just kept stripping it back until what was left at release wasn’t what they promised and we let them know it. Carry that into BfA and Azerite, maybe they will scrap conduits and covenant abilities and just make them more flavor for story. The worst will be wanting to play one because you think it’s cool, vs having to choose a less desirable because of bonuses


  2. I ran a rather large project with a vendor to support a given product for basic office productivity. The contract expected out of the box functions, so we omitted them on a per item item basis, to save like 100 pages of text. The vendor thought we didn’t need them, so they actively neutered the product. Like dumb stuff, that normal users do every day. I remember sitting with their leadership team and asking if how they expected our users to use the service in its state, they had no idea how it was used cause they didn’t use it themselves.

    For a while now it would seem Blizz doesn’t actually play the game they are selling. Design choices are proposed that are seen as negative by large swaths of the population. It seems really disconnected.

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    1. I agree. It’s seems like they are just designing games and tossing it into the Warcraft universe. Not giving an expansion features opportunity to develop beyond a tier before they try something new


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