And so it begins

11 years of leveling, 70 levels gone with the click of a mouse or tapping the Enter key, all gone.

Obviously they haven’t reset the armor levels yet, but it’s kind of hitting me now. And I wonder how many others will log in today and just get a sinking feeling, like it’s all gone. I get that with every expansion it make the journey from 1 to what ever longer and longer, and that new players always faced a hurdle to reach current content. But I really wonder if this was the way to go, and especially to this extreme.

It use to be leveling that when you got that quest reward or dungeon drop that was 10 iLvLs higher you were excited for it. Now? It might be 1 point, and that seems very anticlimactic. Maybe they have it figured out, maybe they won’t fall into the same traps as they have in the past, but I don’t think they will ever be able to do this again. Sure they can probably pull a stat squish, but I think this has to be a one time reset.

Well except for fixing action bars are getting a feel for the changes, there isn’t much else to do for awhile. At least until we hit two weeks out and the real prepatch begins.

2 thoughts on “And so it begins

    1. At some point they are going to have to address all the gold in the game that long time players have. I probably have a million. I just choose to be frugal with what I buy. But for a new player? I have hundreds of mounts, hundreds of pets, all gear from guild perks unlocked. Someone new can’t even buy a minor upgrade at level 20 without dropping a few hundred gold. Having the token is a stop gap measure. At some point the 5 million gold mounts won’t be enough.

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