I’m 4% of what I was

So after a trip to the barber shop, and a change of clothes

I headed over to the Garrison to figure out where to place spells, the dummies were level 42, which I think was an oversight by Blizz, or maybe not. But a few minutes of button mashing had my DPS at around 270,000. Oh, this isn’t to bad, until someone in guild mentioned they were around 2,000. So off I went to Pandaria for a raiders dummy. Targeting the three I was around 2,100. So to me that was probably about right. But it really sucks to see numbers only 4% of the 50,000+ I was at the other day. I will say it again, they went to far, and will increase our damage exponentially as we climb to level 60 and come the next expansion when we level to 70 we will see a damage decrease yet again. It’s going to catch up to them when players get tired of the constant up and down. You are supposed to feel like you are growing more powerful, not weaker. I know that it is all proportional to everything else, it still takes a minute to kill something just as it did, but the sense of improving keeps getting ripped away.

On a separate topic, here is a scenario for you. We are about to see Classic Burning Crusade, in two years will their be Classic Wrath? There are rumors that the idea of another Warcraft movie may be in the works, would they try to tie in a movie about the most popular expansion in the games history to a relaunch of the same expansion. And, if they do release Wrath, would we start seeing more people leaving retail for a return to a different time?

3 thoughts on “I’m 4% of what I was

  1. I find all this quite interesting to watch. In EQ2 the numbers are absolutely off-the-scale insane now. As a casual, solo player who’s put in a moderate amount of effort to keep up, my Berserker has over three hundred million hit points. His regular attacks do anything from twelve to twenty-five million damage, without any kind of adjustment, of which there are many. His special attacks do ten times that. I don’t parse his damage output but obviously it has to be measured in hundreds of millions of points of damage per second.

    This is a solo character. For raid numbers I guess you’d probably multiply all that by a factor of ten at least. All mobs at cap have hundreds of millions of hit points, most have billions. Solo bosses must easily have trillions and god only knows what group and raid bosses have. This kind of inflation applies to all stats as well, although there the numbers are measured in tens and hudreds of thousands rather than millions (my Berserker’s prime stat is Strenght, for example, and that currently stands at just under 40,000).

    One of the devs was asked directly in an interview recently about the WoW stat and level squishes and whether he thought EQ2 needed something similar and he pretty much laughed out loud. He said he thought people liked big numbers and they planned on keeping making them bigger and bigger. On the other hand, there are regular calls on the forums for the numbers to be cut back to a more meaningful level. They’re so huge now they’re hard to comprehend.

    Clearly different people have different ideas about all of this. I don’t really care either way. To me it isn’t even about how fast the mobs die, although obviously I don’t want that to be painfully slow. I’ve always cared a lot more about *if* they die. So long as I can kill them and they can’t kill me, I don’t really care what numbers anyone puts on it.

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    1. I think there needs to be more of a middle ground, going from health and damage numbers in the hundreds of thousands, then getting a stat squish to 20% of where you were, then two years later getting the level and stat squish to 40% ish of your level and 4% of your damage, cumulated that means I’m now doing 1% of the damage I did at the end of Legion. The bigger issue is that they won’t reign in the power creep from here, they will allow it to run up unchecked until we hit a point again where they feel the numbers are getting to large. It will get to a point where your DPS at level 10 is only 15, and your DPS at level 20 may only be 25. BfA emissary gear drops now are only iLvL 100, down from 450. Gear from Wrath was over 200. The squishes are just devaluing and sense of accomplishment in the leveling process. It is what it is, but I feel it’s going to become more of an issue as they continue to fall back on the idea of let’s just squish it.


  2. It has kind of shocked me how quickly the stat squishes have needed to come *again*. Surely someone must have said, “maybe we should keep the power creep more under control now?” at some point? For me my character’s effectiveness is more important than the numbers – how long it takes to kill mobs matters more to me than recount numbers. Time to kill is a very fine balancing act and it can be easily messed up by systemic changes – the level sync tech showed this in Battle for Azeroth (ironically more than the expansion it was introduced in: Legion) with the widely-reported loss of effectiveness in the second half of the level range (110-120).

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